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Sharing Christ’s love while building houses and providing glasses, food, medicine and fellowship.

Join us.

Scenes from Santa Patricia

Scenes from Santa Patricia

Brief description of Santa Patricia
Santa Patricia is situated on an old cotton field. Roads were nothing more than dirt paths. Families were allowed to use a small tract of land to build their makeshift house out of any materials that could be scavenged from the local junk, boards, rusted tin and black plastic. Most properties have outhouses and gray water flows through ditches next to the dirt roads. The number of houses is expanding each year, creating a constant need for meager new homes.


The concept of BASIC was conceived when in 2005 a small group of members of First Lutheran church from Gainesville, Florida went to Chinandega Nicaragua. While there they visited Santa Patricia, a refugee Camp made up of people displace by devastating Hurricane Mitch. The following year a vision clinic was held there but still the need was so great, much more remained to be accomplished. In 2007, a small delegation returned to Santa Patricia and interviewed all of the families to determine the family structure and their immediate housing, educational and medical needs. A booklet was developed outlining the families and their needs. For more family profile information, you can download theĀ BASIC Book 2014.

BASIC Nicaragua was granted official non-profit 501c3 status on May 17, 2012. Thus all donations to the effort become tax free.


Cooperation with Lutheran Church of Canada

Cooperation with Lutheran Church of Canada

The Lutheran Church of Canada has its Central and South American headquarters for training church workers in Chinandega, Nicaragua. BASIC partners with The Lutheran Church of Canada and its local churches to work with the families in Santa Patricia and other surrounding communities for vision clinics. While BASIC








BASIC is an entirely volunteer organization, including the board members. All participants in the activities pay for all of their associated expenses. Thus all contributions go directly to support projects.

The BASIC Board of Directors includes:

President: Suzy Eberle (one of the founding members)
Suzy Eberle
Secretary/Treasurer: Vera Bamberg
Vera Bamberg
Financial Secretary: Richard Hughes
Dick Hughes
Director of Family Relations: Barbara Hughes
Barbara Hughes
Director of Linguistics: Billy Martinez
Billy Martinez

Other Directors: Roger Natzke, Dennis Bamberg, Mark Natzke, Dan Hamann

Roger NatzkeDennis BambergMark NatzkeDan Hamann


provides the service of vision clinics, the local pastors and deaconesses use the time to talk with people within their community about the love of Jesus Christ. This is a great opportunity for the pastors and deaconesses to make connections with new people and be a local resource for those still in need. This partnering has also allowed BASIC to follow up on patients with special needs on future trips.

Making friends in Santa Patricia

Making friends in Santa Patricia

Through the years, BASIC has worked with LCC to determine some of their long-range goals and how BASIC can help achieve those goals. As a result, BASIC funds two houses per calendar year for a designated pastor or deaconess chosen by the Nicaraguan Synod.

First Lutheran Church, Gainesville, Florida
Walking home from School

Walking home from School